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Darren Jones

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I’ve been playing around with computers, music and technology since I was a kid.  I did an apprenticeship in Electronics and Instrumentation working for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, and after a couple of years in industry spent a couple of years studying music.  I used both skills together to work first as an engineer in a local studio and then start my own business splitting my time between providing support for local music studios and businesses, creating music and teaching Music Technology and guitar.  I’ve written a couple of books on Music Technology, and am currently dividing my time between working in that field and formalising my programming skills in Python, Data Analysis and Machine Learning, with a view to shifting more of my activity in that direction, but still working in the domain I know best.  I’ve been in ‘the gig economy’ for the last 20 years – long before it was a term!

I’m happy to work on projects of all kinds, large or small.  For anything related to music technology, take a look at musictechtuition.com where you’ll find details of my books, videos on the subject and other salient info.

While I’m keen on technology, I’m not keen on its effects on us when it’s used without limits.  I am not active on social media, and I think there are will be a huge number of negatives for the generation who are growing up with it if it continues unabated.  The insidious nature of ‘surveillance capitalism’ is something that we have grown used to over the last 10-15 years, and I sincerely hope there’s a sea change or the world will be poorer for it.  I will endeavour to ensure that the projects I create or work on are working for those who use them, not against them.