As I create things that I feel are worthy of public scrutiny, I’ll post them here.

Pupil Permissions Database

This is a system to allow schools to manage permissions of their pupils – a requirement of GDPR.  There is an on-site embedded web system (which is accessible from any browser in the school, but not off-site), which allows staff to see at a glance which internal and external media the pupils are allowed to appear in.  The system runs on Pyramid, and features the ability to import from Google Sheets or a CSV file to allow bulk import of permissions (typically with each new year intake).

The Car Challenge

This was created to act as a scoreboard and map for an annual ‘Car Challenge’ I do with some friends.  The site was used for scoring with an admin section, but also had an interactive map of one of the challenges, which was a ‘Monopoly’ style treasure hunt, and allowed uploads of pictures taken at each location, and took geolocation info from the files to automatically place and score them.  Written in Pyramid it made use of a number of Python modules, including Folium for the maps.  Now offline, it will be completely re-written in Django for 2019.